Have internet connection, browser won't load pages

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 tiana258 - Apr 11, 2017 at 11:10 AM

I have internet connection and all my other devices work fine except my PC laptop. Browser won't load any pages. I have made sure that the proxy was unchecked. I have also gone to command prompt and followed the resetlog.txt procedure.

After it, I restarted my computer. Did not get success! Also tried and run after typing resetlog.txt that leads to prompt saying "windows cannot find 'resetlog.txt".

In most of the forum, I was asked to follow resetlog.txt procedure. However, it is not helping me out.

Please help!

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In Windows 7, you can reset your IP by clicking on START > then open ACCESSORIES then first right click on Command Prompt and then select in the drop down menu by your pointer arrow Run As Administrator.

After it, open COMMAND PROMPT and type this inside exactly as here:
netsh int ip reset c:reset log.txt

You will then need to reset your computer and the job is done!
I have windows 8.1, but I have done this before I posted this question except it was worded different. Where it was just resetlog.txt instead of c:reset log.txt like you type out. I did try your phrasing and I did run as administrator and restarted. Still nothing.
I can't find the network diagnostic tool.