I can't load a specific website despite clearing my cookies

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I have Internet Explorer. Everything's fine until today, I can't access a specific website called www.Amazing.com. I've always been able to access this. I went for a break from using the website for about 2 weeks. When I came back, it said that the page couldn't be loaded because the cookies weren't allowed or something.

I cleared my cache, cookies, etc. but still no luck. The tech support tried to help me out and advised I use another browser. In this case, Firefox is the most efficient browser for their website so I did what I was told. However, I still did not see any changes.

I use a Huawei e5330 pocket wifi if that helps. I'm able to access other sites. Please help me. I need the website to refund customers for an online shop. Please help.

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Oct 20, 2015 at 06:31 PM
So, you are using pocket wifi to do business?

I am feeling sorry for your customers! Get a real connection if you are going to be doing business in such manner. It is called the cost of doing business. Either you pay it or you don't, so close the Ishop and open a brick and mortar!

You are not connecting because the security at AMAZON isn't allowing it. Get an IP that isn't from a MOBILE carrier, and you will have no issue, as you IP will stay in a range that AMAZON can co-locate to a real persons location!
Especially if you are trying to move money!