I have a connection but no internet accesss

 Marlene -

So yesterday i connected by router and modem and ethernet cable from router to laptop for setup. it worked fine it found the router and started setup it shoed i had excellent connection and as soon as i chaged the passphrase on the router i lost the connection.
I was able to fix the connection but now i have no internet access. I have already unplugged everything and started from the again and i have reset the router but still no internet access.

I checked to make sure that it connects automatically everything seems to be working but i cant get internet access. what should i do now?

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Hang in there. What is your ip address? Get a command prompt and run IPCONFIG /ALL and let us know what it says!
IPv4 address
That ip? Im not the best at this. Obviously or el se i world have figures it out .
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Good job, now tell us what the DNS address is?
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WOW! What is the gateway IP?
Why wow? Default gateway