How to secure Windows 8 Against Backtrack and Similar..?

Win - Oct 23, 2015 at 03:00 PM
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Hi all,

Wondering if there are any experts ut there who can assist me with locking down my Windows 8.1 PC.

I'm currently running a standard, subscription-based Firewall/Antivirus and have a host of security programs running on the machine.

I'd be interested to know where to look and what programs to use to secure my machine against advanced hacking attempts such as from Backtrack and other similar software.

- How does this software gain access to the machine?

- What ports/services can I close/disable?

- What programs can be used to scan deeper layers of the OS (Kernel, Registry, etc.) for evidence of previous, successful hacking attempts implanting 'backdoor' software?

- What can I do to anonymise myself online to keep all internet activities completely private, from my ISP and malicious parties intent on spying?

- Any further security advice not specifically covered by the topics above.

I'm very serious about maintaining online privacy and keeping a clean, secure machine. I'm willing to do the search-engine research (already months of it under my belt) and work very hard at locking my internet privacy down and hardening my PC as much as possible to prevent, or at least detect, all snooping attempts made.

I'm running a host of programs to monitor TCP/IP connections so can easily bring up programs 'listening' on ports and view their PIDs etc.

Hopefully, with your expert assistance I'll be able to ensure that any work or research done on my computer remains completely private and confidential.

Much appreciated.

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Oct 23, 2015 at 05:26 PM

CCM is not here to give computer lessons on how malware works but will assist on getting rid of malware and give advice on how to keep your computer safe. Hence I will not go into Backtrack or similar stuff.

One main error, which seems to be your is to have more than one security software running. Most have scanning engines which will not only slowdown your machine but come in conflict, produce false/positives, perhaps let malware in. One good antivirus will suffice.

If you have a good security suite, such as mine, nobody will know you are online, I am stealth. Of course I don't browse risky sites as I am warned in advance. I could be warned of intrusion attempts but I am stealth.

Good luck