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Stranger - May 26, 2008 at 07:34 PM
 caca - Nov 25, 2011 at 06:36 AM

I need help with my Steam, Counter Strike Source. When the screen was loading, it stopped and it said something about instruction and things like 0x10353e2c then 0x0e4ea1a0 and something about "Read". I really need help because I couldn't get in.

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hey man its simple go to the folder where you have installed cs there will be a file named steam dll rename that file and then start the game if you could not get in than also so you have to delete a file named steam engine in the installation folder then it will work
hey i couldnt find those things you were talkjing about, could you please be more specific? i have this problem and raelly want it fixed also.
Baz > rawrness33
Jan 26, 2009 at 08:43 PM
Yea i got the same problem.. am trying to play 2 hl2 mods = infectsinfection1.1.0 and Zombie panic! source. I cant start the programs and i should also be thankful if someone know how to solv this problem.

/Greeting! Sartanos
Am sorry to ask but renaming the file to what?
hello man!!!
I really dont know wht to do!
i installed the cs then the steam and activated the product code, but when im clicking on the game to run it says
preparing to launch the game and then goes and nothin' would happen

hey thanks man! i was looking for the right solution and i finally found it :D
i went trough lot of shit like: de- and installing steam, rebooting my system, upgraded my window, updated all of my drivers and other stuff and this was rly shocking me when i tried it out and IT WORKED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
because steam all the time.. update update and never check what will happend
Maybe some missing file, or corrupt!

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no probs ....uninstall the programe and then aagin install it...i hope it will work.
ok i connect to a server and it gets to the thing where it says Sending Client Info then it gets to about 80% done then it just stops idk what to do please help me
how can i download css setup for free....wats da web???
yes i know..
delete the cs 1.6 folder and try again maybe will work
yeah that means that your memory has been damaged,basicly a programed glitch

anyone know where i can get CSS for free?
i have the same problem . contact meif you have the ansver :)