Screen going black

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My screen goes black a few seconds after resuming from sleep. I have it set to Never power off or Never Sleep when plugged in. Also I have None selected for a screen saver. The screen resumes with a mouse click. Then my custom cursor from CursorFx goes back to the deault cursor. The computer is an Asus laptop, new on Thursday, it has updated to most recent version of windows. Why does it do this?

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Apparently a reboot fixed it. It hasn't gone black for several minutes. It was going black after 1 minute. Maybe this will help someone with this problem.
However after coming out of sleep the problem is back again and another reboot is required to fix it.
I forgot to mention it is an external monitor connected to a laptop by HDMI cable. Now when leaving the laptop lid up it does not have the problem at all. But I don't know why it happens when it's closed. It's set to show only on the external monitor (2). No screensaver and is set to never shut off.