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Easy how to bridge on windows 10


I know the answer so here it is. Turn on both devices Connect to WiFi on your computer Connect the ethernet cable to both devices Click your WiFi ...

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What is my microsoft office 2010 product key.


I have downloaded the Microsoft office here from this site. However, after downloading it, it is asking me the product key number. please let me know ...

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Windows 10 product keys


Hello, Hello. I need the product key for windows 10. I could not activate. Can anyone help?

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Access control panel.{21ec2020-3aea-1069-a2dd-080)


So I broke my Windows laptop this morning, however the hdd is saved. In that hdd I locked some credential files inside Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-10...

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Windows is not installing properly


I've done a clean install of windows 10 but I noticed that it did not install visual c++ redistributable is this a program that is packaged with windo...

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Change computer name


Hello, I have problem when change the computer name not updating when right click for properties specific file it will show old computer name despi...

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Mecer wizard notebook ca14d02


Hello, i only received my Mecer laptop last week Friday i had it setup and switched it off afterwards. Monday when i tried logging in the laptop is st...

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David Webb  

Where do i find my windows id?

 Solved Where Does Windows 10 Install Apps Under Take Ownership of the Windows App...

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Blank menus on my taskbar and control settings


I have all my icons showing on the taskbar, but when my clock went missing, I right clicked to see the task bar and it is all blank. When I went to t...

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How to update drivers in windows 10.


I've just formatted my PC and wondering what's the best way to update everything, drivers, bois and all that kind of stuff.Does anybody now how to upd...

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I got an error system_thread_exception_not_handled


Hello, after installing my windows 10 os in my new laptop and doing some drivers update I got this error BSoD: please help!

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No audio or sound



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Copy music


after copying music from cd to hard disk can you download that music to a cd from computer hard drive

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Forget password


i want reset with my email using win10

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Convert txt to batch file


Hello, How can I convert the "txt" format file created in Notepad into a "batch" file?

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Media player


I do not have a tools selection in my media player? How do I get it?

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David Webb  

Batch command for deleting both folders and contents order than 30 days


Please help with Batch command for deleting both folders and contents order than 30 days , the command i have only deletes contents but not the folder...

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David Webb  

Windows script host


Hello, Anyone can help find solution how to fix 'Can not find script file "C:\Users\Public\data.vbs". Please help. Thank you

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David Webb  

No sound when watching videos via hdmi to my tv


I have an up to date win 10 LT, which I have used to watch videos via a MDMI cable to my TV (Vizio 3 yrs old) for many months. Now, with no changes o...

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Windows 10 suppression fichiers


Bonjour Je ne sais pas si je suis au bon endroit pour ma question. Je suis sous windows 10 depuis peu et soudain je ne peux plus supprimer de fichie...

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David Webb  

Adding a program to default menu for photos


Changed computers to a new Windows 10 HP laptop. Had Windows 10 on the other computer (but was an upgrade from Windows 7). I downloaded the photo ...

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David Webb  

Amd data change update new data to dmi


What is means AMD data change.....update new data to DMI? This question above, has to be something with my computer BIOS?

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David Webb  

Making a dvd


Will your instructions work with Windows 10?

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David Webb  

Windows 10 pro download have the windows 7 and product key


Hello, I have windows 7 on my historic hp series 2 1033w. I need to download windows 10 and I heard since I paid for 7 I don't have to pay for windows...

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God mode folder does not work as described


I followed the instructions to create a God folder (create a folder and then copy/paste the name of the God folder to the created folder) but nothing ...

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Windows 7 vs windows 10??


I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install. Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not. ...

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Disable update version popup for ccleaner


I don't need to stop "alerts" since I don't get them. What I want to stop are the popups to install the latest version. How do I get rid of that? It...

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File history


Hello, I need help. I installed Windows 10 Enterprise on my boss's Fujitsi Lifebook E756 laptop. Now, I would like to activate for data backup thro...

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Fix the hidden files option is not showing issue in windows 10


Microsoft Windows has a feature to hide files, so that they are not visible to second person using the PC or laptop. Moreover, Windows itself hide the...

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Jean-François Pillou  

Windows update error


Windows 10 update came in April. I updated my PC but update fail and I have 2 errors now: 1. Update error 0x80240034 2. Display drivers failed to ...

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Window 10 64 byte defender


Hello, Does Window Defender work safe as Anti-virus programs? I dont want to install anti-virus software because it is big for my computer right no...

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Daniel Telele  

Windows script error "dmedia.vbs"


Hello, Every time I start my system I get a windows script error saying DMedia.vbs. Please help me fix this.

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How to receive windows 10 updates


Hello, I have a HP PC with windows ten. The thing is I can't receive updates because my Microsoft say they no longer support this windows. My windows ...

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Anonymous User

Installing musicmatch jukebox 10 in windows 10


I installed MusicMatch Jukebox 10 in Windows 10 a year ago (from the Internet). It worked perfectly, but recently it just stopped working. When I try ...

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How to stop windows defender?


Many time a facing some important software installation issue and after analysis I am getting instruction to stop windows defender for few second. Is ...

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Code ox80300113


I have a code Ox80300113 come up on my computer which has layed torment for 2 years and has stopped everything can any one help please

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Creating batch file in windows 10.


Hello, Sir, I request you to kindly help me to solve my problem please. Sir, i tried to create a batch file from text document giving command as ...

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Free email program for windows 10


Does Google make a free email application that works with Windows 10? I have been using Windows Live Mail on my old HP Desktop. I am in process of...

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Downloading (upgrading) ms office 2010


Good day I have a HP desktop and my operating system is office 10 and I am running Microsoft office office 2007. I need to urgently upgrade and ...

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Laptop not recognizing my headphones


I go to Audio in control panel but my headphones dont show up! how do i fix this?

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How do i activate windows?


Hello, I need help activating windows 10!

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How to get the windows 10 creators update


Hello, Starting today, the Windows 10 Creators Update is rolling out to Windows 10 PCs across the world in phases, starting with newer machines fi...

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No sound on my computer


I using my windows 7 and upgrade to windows 10 after that the was no sound

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How to restart dell laptop setup?


I have a NEW Dell laptop, I made a mistake setting it up and it won't allow me to go back to rectify it. Help please

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Windows 10 how do i turn off updates


How do I turn off updates on Windows 10 and 8. The latest W10 update just destroyed my PC!!

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How to uninstall ultrasurf vpn


I installed Ultrasurf VPN on my PC. After a while, I decided to dispose of it. I checked the control panel so I could uninstall it but it wasn't there...

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Batch script to delete subfolder from multiple subfolders


Hi There! Total beginner here... I'm hoping to get a batch script to delete a specific subfolder from multiple subfolders in a specific folder. For...

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Laptop switched itself off


i was using laptop checked battery life suddenly the laptop switched it self off plugged in battery battery light goes off afte...

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Uninstall window edge as default browser


Hello, Is it possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge and install Windows Explorer as my default browser?

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Can't play cds in windows 10


Hello, My CD will not play since changing to Windows 10. Anyone know why? They use to. How do I check my driver?

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