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After a recent Windows 7 (Ultimate) update, I cannot print. When I try I get the message that I must set a default printer. My printer has disappeared from 'Devices and Printers'. If I am printing at a time when the print dialog box appears, I can find my printer in the drop down and choose it and print. I have been told 'access denied'. I have tried 1. reinstalling my printer several times, including updating drivers 2. System Restore 3. Read instructions on how to fix the registry - but I am not savvy enough to understand this. 4. Right click my computer, computer manager, local uses and groups, and I enable every one. What is next to try?
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what is the printer make and model?

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Epson c88...... however I kept at it until I fixed it. I went into the administrator account and loaded the printer from the desk and set it as default. I also shared it with my regular profile.. Then I went back to my account and installed the printer again and when I finish it was there where I could see it and it was already set as default. I am printing now. Thank you so much for answering me.