Windows Vista and XP won't recognize WD hard

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 Diisi - Apr 29, 2010 at 05:48 AM
I have a Western Digital external hard drive (500 GB) and it won't show up in either windows vista or XP. It still lights up when it's plugged into the wall and the computer (at the same time) but the link doesn't show up on my computer. I don't think the hard drive isn't working. When it was connected to the computer with Windows XP, the computer, when turning on, would occasionally go through a "drive cleaner" in the opening black screens. My sister told me that it was cut off one time, so maybe that's the issue. Is there a way to start a drive cleaner operation again? It won't do it automatically at reboot anymore. (Tweak doesn't work)

Is there any way to try to get the computer to recognize the WD hard drive again? I'm somewhat computer illiterate so I might need extensive instructions.

And with Firewire 1384, would disabling that help? Where would you do that?


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I have the same problem. My computer isn't recognizing my WD external hard drive and it makes this noise for minutes before it stops. But it doesn't show up on any menu or anywhere. I thought it was plug n play, so I removed the hardware in the control panel, and then plugged it back in. But it still didn't show up as reinstall. I'm so lost. If you get anymore help, will you email me at Thanks.
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Apr 13, 2009 at 06:26 AM
try it in another computer to see if it recognise the drive.
try to replace the cable, check the connection plugs.
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i am having the same problem. i actually purchased a hp 1tb external and seagate 1tb and it sounds like its looking for something but nothing appears. i have check in device manager and all other areas and no evidence that it is connected. i am running windows xp sp3 please help if you can
I have a similar but more funny problem. Sometimes it is recognized and others it is not. This hapens when I plug into both my laptop and PC. I have failed to get a pattern of its moods; why it works one day and fails the following day.