COUNTIF question

 saleem -

I am a novice Excel use, and I have a question about where this is even possible. I have a column of dates and I want to count the number of times a month AND year appear in a single cell.

For example:

A1= January 2, 2007
A2= January 14, 2007
A3= February 21, 2007
A4= May 10, 2007
A5= January 19, 2008
A6= April 16, 2008

Is it possible to use a COUNTIF formula to make Excel count the number of times "January" AND "2007" appear together in a cell, so that I can get the number of times in the month of January 2007 a certain event occurred. I'm logging bird sightings for a study, and I need to know the frequency of sightings per month per year.

Thank you in advance for you help.

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I hope this will work out=COUNTIF(J8:J123,">="&DATE(2009,1,1))-COUNTIF(J8:J123,">="&DATE(2009,1,31))