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I am running Win XP with all of the updates available.

Yesterday my computer worked fine, today when I pushed the start button it turns on, the fan is running but nothing else except two lights to let me know that it has power. No messages, nothing. I cannot enter the computer, no safe mode, no cursor, nothing buy two lights, the fan and a black screen.

The DVD drive is not getting power but I opened the lock with a pin and installed the recovery disk but the computer does not recognize the DVD drive and does absolutely nothing. I have un;lugged the power cord and run on battery only, I have removed the battery and run on AC only, nothing works. The keyboard is dead,dead. The two lights do not flash it just sits dormant.

One thing it does is at the exact moment I push start is the light that used to flicker as it booted up flashes for a mili second but then nothing. I am unable to do anything to get a response from this laptop now except to turn it on and off, nothing and I mean nothing else.

Any help. Please.
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eicher1 9 Posts Thursday October 16, 2008Registration date May 12, 2009 Last seen - Apr 19, 2009 at 05:33 AM
Thank you
I think you have a problem with your memory modules
Nonerdhere 1 Posts Friday April 17, 2009Registration date April 19, 2009 Last seen - Apr 19, 2009 at 10:40 AM
Thank you for your response. I have two RAM modules and I have removed each one at a time then both then even replaced with others and turned the laptop back on after each action and nothing, still nothing at all. Just the fan runs and the power light nothing else, the DVD tray light does not light which means it does not boot up to the point where it goes out to check the DVD tray.

So I have opened all of the separate compartments on the bottom of the laptop that are easily accessible and each time there is no change. I am not sophisticated enough to go deeper into the laptop too look at anything else, plus the machine is 4 years old so I guess it is time to scrap it because taking it to a repair shop will cost more than it is worth.

If you have any other suggestions please advise. Thanks.