Splilled coffee on my Dell wireles keyboard

 Donna -
I plilled coffee on my Dell wireles keyboard and a few keys stopped working. recently I tried running water over it and letting it dry but theyare still no good.
I read about the dishwasher fixing this maybe. Any other ideas?

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What kind of coffee was it ? Sugar ? Cream ?

Just kidding ! Actually, running water was a bad idea and the dishwasher would be a worst idea.

Any liquid will cause shorts. A technician could remove every single key, clean them out, etc.

Buying a new keyboard may be cheaper than the technician option.

Coffee with cream...lol. Thanks, I did buy a replacement keyboard but liked the other one better and can't seem to find one like it so I was hoping to breath life back into it somehow. The water and dishwater idea I got off the internet.