WD 320GB Hard Drive Not Detect

 munwwer khan -

My Dell Latitude Core i7 Laptop Not Starting Due My WD 320GB Hard Drive Not Detect In Bios Setting Showing ( Primary Hard Drive 0 GB ) System Boot With DVD Rom and With Boo-table Usb, But Windows Setup Not complete Message Received No Boot Drive Found.
Please Help Me inside this Drive My lots of data.
trying Booting System With Ubuntu USB (Linux System) working fine but HD still Not show.

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You probably need the services of a professional data recovery firm.
It appears that you have a hardware problems in the hard drive.

Good luck
Thank so much brother
check your jumper settings if any.
or. visit youtube and search for video on hard drive recovery
good lack
> ken
Thanks so much i appreciates for reply.

checked jumper setting but still not resolve.