System boot failure

Enk777 - Apr 20, 2009 at 04:10 AM
 Enk777 - Apr 20, 2009 at 05:09 AM

Hello everyone, I'm somewhat relativily new to pcs, and have had no major problems up unticl recently. While I was work my pc shut off. When I came home from work wasn't able to get it to reboot.

i'm running a GATEWAY model #GM5084, if that makes a difference. I've tried rebooting it with the recovery disc but nothing works. No matter what mode I choose, be it "safe Mode" or "start from your last sucessful starting point" or whatever... I"ll click one and then a small white bar goes across the screen and once it's croseed the whole screek the pd dies down again.

Sometimes it will sho like a dos directary file as it's crashing, hard to read it all cuz it's fast. At this point I'm willing to give up everything on my harddrive if i could just get my computer back... such a pain..

Any pointers? questions? directions?
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I can give more details if I know what to give. Let me know.
Yes of course I looked. But couldn't find any situatuion like my own, I tried trouble shooting sme of their sugestions but nothing help. I'm a relativly smart gey eh, Just not to tecckie smart, And it kills me. Would have to pay someone out the ass to fix it when it's quick and easy, possible. Well,, any direct links or questions let me know.