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i have a 2gb kingston SD card with a USB adapter. it WAS working perfectly...but now i plug it in to the computer (windows XP) it says it connected and when i go into the driver thingy it shows up and when i click properties everything is supposedly working perfectly....but when i go into my computer it doesnt recognize it. the SD card still works in my phone.

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hi. i just had the same problem with my kingston on my toshiba laptop. my laptop reads other sd cards, but not the kingston. it seems quite a few people have this problem with the kingston. maybe that's why it is so cheap. but actually, i just put it back in my camera and plug in the firewire into my laptop, and boom, all the pics were there. actually it was much simplier and faster thru my camera. so forget the formatting and all that, just plug your camera into your laptop.... don't forget to make sure you have enough battery power for your camera, because it must be turned on to access.... good luck..
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Did you try to format it using your phone. Most SD cards once formatted on the phone.. have some problems working on windows (PC'S)

i dont get what formating is.. all i ever had to do was put the SD card in my computer and it would show up and i would drag what i wanted into the folders then i'd pop it in my phone and everything came up. and i found out a min ago that nothing i plug into the usb port will work.. can this be fixed? :(

I had the problem where my Toshiba laptop would not read my memory stick (but it would read SD cards). I brought it into Best Buy and they informed me that the memory card reader's pins were bent. They need to send it in but it is covered under my warranty. Good luck!!!