Browser and Address Bar

 alice xxx -
When I click on my internet explorer on my desk top and go to my home page theres no address bar at the top of my page there to put anything in like the www. thing to be able to go to a web site if you can...I have all the other things I need like file edit view favorites tools help then on the next line I have back fwd stop refresh ect ect ect but then where my address bar or browser bar is suppose to be I have nothing....where did it go anyone know...thanks

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click on View menu -> Toolbars -> Adress Bar (Address Bar should be ticked)
thank you for your help, it fixed the problem i was having for two days
thanks again
im havin the same trouble as you, when i take my mouse of it goes doesnt it , all the f buttons dnt work so i went on here and it worked again , try goin on this and then shuttin down then on again, it might help.