IPod not Recognized by iTunes on Windows

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I own an Apple 80 GB iPod video and recently got 2 new labtops, so I got rid of my old desktop computer. one of them is a vista, one is an xp. I made sure all of the updates/driver updates were installed then downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes 8. when I tried to plug my ipod into my computer (i tried on both computers) it will pop up a ballon saying this usb device cannot be reconized and will not show up in windows or itunes and does not charge. in device manager it will come up as usb mass storage device and say that no drivers are installed for this device. this problem is not with my computer or the cord because I have borrowed a friends ipod and used my cord to plug into both computers which worked fine. I have tried forcing my ipod into diskmode but still pops up this usb device is not reconized. many sites ive read about this problem on just tell you to reset the ipod or restart the computer but that has not worked for me either. I have tried to complete the 5 rs from the apple site but I cannot restore my ipod without it being reconized by itunes first. just ask if you need more details about anything.

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hello? the only thing u need to do is stand up the ipod then grab a hammer then bang that shit 7 times then go by yourself a new one!!!!
if u guys r using a fake windows software then this will happen....Suppose ur windows xp cd is a pirated 1 then then dis problem can occour....Note-This problem never occours for a original windows CD
Hi All,
This has nothing to do with pirated/original windows. I am using original windows OS that was shipped with my laptop and I spent 7 hours trying to deal with continuously crashing iTunes and non-detectable iPod classic 120gb. Yes, I tried restarting and resetting my iPod - nothing works. I seem to managed to add my library to iTunes without a crash by installing an earlier version of iTunes (9.0.3) but it also cannot detect my iPod. Please share if you managed to find any solution. (I am using Windows 7 and iPod is detected by Windows as external hard drive, as I enabled disk used earlier)
i hane a ipod touch

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Thank you for the advice.. This worked for me! I just upgraded my computer and I'm so glad that I found this site for tips!