WD Passport Not Showing Up on Windows

 Panks -
My Western Digital My Passport HD suddenly stopped showing up on my laptop. Tried even with my TV, it doesn't recognize anymore.
I tried all the solutions I could find over net, such as uninstalling or updating device from Device Manager. The HD does show up in device manager, my windows does show sign of "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media", the light is ON on the HD and I do hear sound of it starting up, however it refuses to show up as a drive on my windows.
I've tried updating/reinstalling device through device manager, even bought a new data cable to ensure its not coz of cable. But, no luck.
Please help, I have important data on it, that I need to retrieve.

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Hello Panks,

It seems you have tried most of the well known troubleshooting steps. Good job!
I would like to know if you have tried to change the drive letter under Disk management of your PC. If not, try to do it. Go to the Disk Managament and if needed, change the drive letter if it has no drive assigned to it. If it asks you to format the drive, don't do it because you would lose all the information stored on the external drive.
Also, you could try to access the data via Linux Live CD/USB.

Keep me posted on the development of your case. Cheers.
Thanks mate.
I checked on that already. It doesn't show any drive letter associated with the HDD, and doesn't even give me an option to allocate/change drive letter when I right click on it. :-(
The option is disabled.
I'm trying data recovery tools to recover important data, still in progress, however the tools available don't offer lot of data to be recovered free of cost (around 1 GB is what they offer). Any suggestions on that would also be helpful.


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