Not able to get Javascript on my Mac [Closed]

 yoyo -

My computer crashed, so I took it to a Mac professional. I lost all my music on Itunes. I used to use Limewire to get my music. I have tried to reinstall Limewire, but it says Javascript is not enabled. I have tried numerous times to install Javascript, to no avail. How do I get back Javascript so I can get back Limewire? The Mac pro won't help me because he thinks Limewire is the cause of my computer crashing.

Somebody please help me.


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delete the old limewire receipt from the library
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I am having the SAME exact problem. I have a powerbook g4 and deleted an older version of limewire that i had since 2006. tried to re install and it makes me update javascript. can't find it anywhere.WHen i go to software update it doesn't show me any java updates. can't get either javascript or limewire now.

anyone have any thoughts on this?


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