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my bsnl connection is disconnecting frequently at the same time its taking more than a minute to connect to net after dialing it...i am using UT300R2U ADSL+2 MODEM provided by the bsnl...i am using 500c plan....last month only i got this connection and for about one month it workd\ed very well...but now it seems to be a problem....
so first i checked my line snr and att factors,
down stream is 6.3 db
upstream is 19.7 db
down stream is 36 db
upstream is 20.2 db

i came to know that my connection lines are poor by the values i am getting...so i called the line man, and he checked the wires and cables and he told me that its fine....
more over on my modem LINK LED is always on....it means i have the link....
but other two LEDs which are, DATA LED and PC/USB LED are continuosly flashing.....

but the bsnl people are saying i am having a good connection but no net connection.....
so plz guide me through this any suggestions would help me......

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Firstly USB Broadband modems are notoriously poor for reliablity, ask the ISP for a list of 3rd party Router modems that connect via Ethernet/wireless instead as this cures most of the issues.

USB Modems on slow PC always cause problems, honestly ditch the crap freebie ones and buy a good modem router made by companies such as Belkin or Netgear.
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ask them to replace trhe modem and see the result.
cause it may be that the modem is faulty.
link led is ok, means there is cable/line fault that is connection up to exchange from yuor modem is ok, while browsing , data and usb/ethrernet leds will blink ,
it indicate data transfer .
just login into modem page with ip and diagnosys modem . there you get problem , or contact jto or other officials of bsnl,
with symptoms i thi9s your pc is virus infected

bsnl is actually like this, what you can do is report complaint frequently (call 1500)[after closing a complaint, if the connection is troubleshooting complaint again and again]
and show the bsnl man your SNR Margin(dB), Attenuation(dB), Output Power(Bm), Attainable Rate(kbps)
[and tell him, you know all these]

The SNR Margin should have 30-40 range for a stable connection
and attenutation, disturbance factor always lower than SNR and always below 10
Attainable Rate is your line capacity(max.)

And finally, go to your bsnl exchange and request for a change of line (say the SD about your broadband condition and if he is good, he may process a new line for you)

Actually i do like that, and got a new line, and now NO DISCONNECTIONS

Thank you
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