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µTorrent Web is the µTorrent-web-browser version of the famous classic µTorrent software. µTorrent Web was released in 2005 and is now owned by BitTorrent, Inc. This µTorrent online version includes many handy features like an integrated search engine and more. We will explain the differences between µTorrent web vs. classic and why this version is interesting.

What are the key features of uTorrent Web?

  • Reliable peer-to-peer torrent windows client: µTorrent Web allows you to download all types of shared files through peer-to-peer.

  • On-download playing: µTorrent Web lets you play multimedia, video, or audio files while the file is being downloaded. This is a really useful streaming-like feature if you want to start watching content whose download is not finished yet as the first chapters of a series' season, or simply if you want to check you are downloading the right file.

  • µTorrent Web optimization: The µTorrent Web app is a fast client and it only consumes a few resources compared to other software.

  • Fine-grained settings: µTorrent Web's settings allow you to control the transfer speed (upload and download) in case you need to use bandwidth for other tasks or if your internet connection is limited.

  • Clever integrated search engine: Its integrated search engine gives you the possibility to find torrents directly from the µTorrent Web client. Of course, you can also add them manually to the client.

  • Grouped selection: If a torrent contains several files, you can select one or several files instead of having to download them all at once.

  • Security: The µTorrent Web app contains a security analysis tool to ensure safe downloading.

  • Flexible payment options: µTorrent Web offers payment with BitTorrent cryptocurrency (BTT) to increase the download speed of torrents, as well as the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies if you allow other anonymous users to download your downloaded content.

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How to download files with uTorrent Web?

Downloading files with µTorrent Web is extremely simple and fast. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will see that it opens as a tab in your default web browser. Then, you have two options to start downloading torrents:

  1. Using its built-in search engine: Type the name of the series, song, book, or anything else you want to download and a new tab will open with the matching torrents found on the web. Once you have selected the torrent you want to download, click on the magnet icon next to the file and a pop-up window will open. Finally, select 'µTorrent Web' to start downloading.
  2. Browsing your favorite torrent websites or from files: If you have the files on your computer then you just have to drag and drop the file into the opened µTorrent Web window or right-click on it and choose ‘Open with µTorrent Web’. If you are on a website that contains a magnet link you will also be able to click on the magnet icon to start the download automatically.

Is uTorrent Web free?

µTorrent Web is a free application. It also has premium plans that give you faster download speeds and remove ads.

Is uTorrent Web safe?

µTorrent web is safe. The process of Torrenting in itself is safe and legal. However, whilst Torrenting itself is not illegal, the act of downloading and sharing pirated content is. You should consider installing a VPN and or avoid downloading pirated content. It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy before installing.

µTorrent is legal. Torrenting, uploading, and downloading content is not illegal in itself as long as the content is not subject to copyright. Otherwise, it would be considered piracy in most countries. If you are going to use µTorrent Web we recommend downloading Creative Commons licensed and or royalty-free content. If you still want to download other types of content you may be interested in using a VPN.

What is the difference between uTorrent and uTorrent Web?

  • Pros: µTorrent Web runs within your browser and offers all the classic features of µTorrent Classic. You can also play torrents while you download.

  • Cons: µTorrent Web still contains ads if you choose the free version.

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