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LT - May 2, 2009 at 09:08 AM
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I have a NEW Linksys N Ultra Range plus wireless router in my basement. The connection is fine as my Macbook works fine upstairs. However the Dell PC(windows XP) connected to the router constantly loses it's internet connection. I then go into Linksys (192....168.1.1 etc) and "reset', then my connection is restored only to lose it in the near future.1/ I have plugged the ethernet connection directly into the Macbook from the router and I was connected (although it didnt seem that fast) 2/ I have d\l Firefox but still have the same issue. 3/I tried d/l an ethernet driver update but to no avail
It appears it is some setting in my computer. My network has a password; Also my neighbors have the same router and cable modem and they have no issues. H E L P

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May 3, 2009 at 04:33 PM
im not sure exactly what you are saying, you need to write in complete, english sentences.

you should not be resetting your router first of all, an ethernet driver is only for a wired connection
every time you reset your router, you are probably losing the password thats on it too. I would try changing the channel its on, you can usually see what channel your neighbor is on, and use a channel thats as far away from what they are using as possible.

but really it sounds more like the problem is with the dell computer.... you may want to find out if you can see your bandwidth if you log in to your modem. Someone else might be robbing your bandwidth or some malicious software could be robbing it on the dell machine. You should not need ethernet drivers for it since its wireless, possibly new drivers for the wireless nic? Also, the wireless card you have on the dell may not be an N compatible card. Make sure your router is setup to be able to handle G or B legacy connections as well as N. If its not an N nic its not going to connect at N speed, while this makes no difference whatsoever while surfing the web, or downloading files on the internet unless you have a MAJOR FAST internet connection, meaning 50Mbps or more, it shouldnt make any difference. The N routers are really made for home networking, like file sharing between computers.