How to install windows xp?

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i purchased hp dv4 1241tx notebook but i am not able to install windows xp in my notebook.i am not seeing sata hard disk information.i can not disable the sata native mode.i did not find download link sata drive.please send me download link and installation step with screenshot.

shailendra kumar

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You can "slipstream" the SATA driver into the XP CD and then install XP from the new CD. Search this forum for instructions.

But, you will have trouble finding XP drivers for the other hardware on your laptop. HP will NOT provide them.

It's best to just forget installing XP on your laptop and learn to live with Vista.

Good Luck
you can lfind it on manufacturers site but the best site i can share wid you dud is the site for the intel centrino, but dont give a damn risk, specially on spyware while downloading on it.... good luck guys!....