Duplicate images above and below desktop and online windows

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My Windows (7) shows a shorter image of desktop and I see part of desktop above and below. The width of the desktop images and online content are ok, but window is only 3-4 " top to bottom and even when I'm online, reading email, etc I see duplication top & bottom. How do I esteem?

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This only works for desktops (sorry if this is a laptop!): On your monitor, press the menu button. Does the menu display correctly, or is it "scrunched" up too? If it is scrunched up too, then your monitor is on its last leg. :(

The good news is: Monitors are really cheap!

If it doesn't "scrunch" up, then your PC has possibly changed settings, or the video is going bad. Go to the Control Panel and adjust your display settings down to the lowest setting, and see if that helps. If it does, then make single slider adjustments to the point that suites your tastes!

Please Post back if you need help, or if you have issues performing any of the steps I mentioned!

Have FUN!