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I have recently purchased new AMD A8 7600 series processor and g1 snipper A88x motherboard and installed window 7 64bit on 8 gb DDR3 ram. When i start it up.. it take too long on "starting window" screen seriously.. and i dont have installed anything on my pc.. it's brand new.. and after 3-4 minutes after starting Windows screen it always check for drive.. where i have 10 seconds to skip that.. why it is checking it everytime ?? And why it take too long to start up.. please suggest.. i will be very thankful to you sir.

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It's possible the hard disk needs to be replaced. Did you transfer it from another PC and reinstall Windows ?

Yes.. i was having a spare hard disk of 250gb.. i installed new mage (window 7) on that hard disk. And also i have another hard disk installed with it of 1tb and in this i have my data. Is this ok to use 2 hard disk's on a system ?

Thanks for helping very quick sir. My problem is solved in once only.. after you suggested to change the hard disk... Now my pc boot normally by changing hard disk.. now i am using only single hard disk.. thanks a lot in ton sit. You great. Good luck sir