Black screen after startup

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October 23, 2016
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I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but I have literally tried everything.

So this morning I go to do a little bit of work and start my Sony Vaio, I get the initial Vaio screen, then nothing. After around 5/10 mins I get a blue Windows screen with the message recovery on the winload.exe (error code 0xc0000225). I can't access startup settings or restart as I get a similar message.

If I turn it off and hold the assist button (the same happens if I press f10) it goes through the motions, loads Windows files, starting Windows screen then onto the Vaio care rescue. It seems to stick without doing much then a message pops up saying can't find recovery partition then restarts.

I have had to upgrade to Windows 10 so have no disk for it. Also the dog knocked the computer and it dropped, so I was thinking something could be loose?

Any help is appreciated

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your winload.exe file may be corrupt, so u just goto startup setting or select SAFE MODE booting.then the problem may solved