Desktop screen turns off randomly and then turns on again after [Closed]

 Mrugank -

I have a NVIDIA GT 620, ASUS H61M-CS motherboard, Inter Core i3 3240, Dell S2240M monitor with Windows 10 installed.
The monitor itself turns off (doesn't go into standby mode) and then turns on again with the Dell logo showing up, behaving exactly like when screen starts up after power is supplied. This hasn't happened whenever I stayed on a particular screen for a while, for example when writing this, or watching a video. I've noticed it happens more if there's activity, for example, when I switch tabs on my browser, or scroll down when reading something. I think the power is somehow disconnected for some 20-30 seconds from the monitor before coming back up.
I've no idea how to troubleshoot this; seems completely bizarre. Any ideas?

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sounds like a Windows crash to me. Perhaps you have a failing memory module. or motherboard.
Only the desktop screen is off. Nothing else. The screen loads exactly where I had left it. Oh, and a title edit: "Desktop screen turns off randomly and then turns on again after about 20-30 seconds"

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