Help He has changed my Email Password

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Ok my ex fiancé has logged into my email and reset the password 4 days ago. He never notified me of this change until I called and asked him today. I created the email under his name because we were getting married and I already had an account with Gmail. Long story short this man is now receiving all my personal email and information to his cell phone. What can I do about or how can I reset the password to get into my mail and delete personal information that does not belong to him. PLEASE HELP ME


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Dec 20, 2016 at 04:34 PM
Well, start by changing your accounts to another recovery email! Other than that, you will have a hard time getting HIS account back, as you were acting as HIS agent when you created HIS account with HIS name! Besides changing all of the accounts that point to it (you said that you already had a gmail), there is nothing you or anyone else can do! I would start using that email for spam if I were you!

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