My PC freezes when trying to transfer large files to my Micro SD

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So im just about to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I was getting some files ready to mod a certain device when i noticed not only that it was taking forever, but half way through the transfer it froze My PC and stopped me from doing anything outside of any program i had open at the time forcing me to restart my computer.

After trying, unsuccesfuly, multiple times i copied and pasted the files one by one until i found that the file that apparently was causing the problem was the largest one at 700 MB.

It seems that for some reason my SD card crashes my PC when i try to paste anything remotely big in, but not when its the other way around.

This was not a problem the SD card had before, when i transfered way bigger files into it with no problem. And the problem doesnt seem to be with the PC nor the file itself, as i have tried with multiple PCs and thumbdrives.

I have tried many things by now, including formating, repairing and other things i barely understood that did jack.

I would love to hear anything that could help me with this problem. So far the only real lead ive heard was that it may be a problem with the SDs FAT32 format and it may be solved by formating it to NTFS but windows is unable to complete the formating.

Thanks in advance.

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Jan 18, 2017 at 06:53 AM
Hi Babulbi,

This may be a file format issue but anyways 700 MB is not that big file, so it should not be problem to transfer it in FAT32. Being unable to format shows that there is a problem with the SD card. Are you trying to format in Disk Management? Try using Command Prompt. Type:
List Disk
Select Disk n (n must be the number of the drive)

This way all data will be wiped and all partitions on the SD card deleted. Go back to Disk Management and try to format the card. Do you get an error message?

Hope this helps