Trojan? computer cant do anything!

brittany - May 13, 2009 at 02:23 PM
 mike - May 23, 2009 at 07:43 PM

my husband downloaded an infected file to our computer. the computer is a few years old and uses windows xp. there was no fully installed anti-virus/security on it yet, but it has windows defender and an outdated mcaffee anti virus which all alerted us that there was an infected file that could not be deleted (i think i saw the word trojan). the computer turned off by itself (logged off and everything) and i started it back up and was going to try to install the norton product we have (via disc). once it logged on it looked different though. the toolbar at the bottom looked like it does when its in safe mode (basic grey toolbar). all of a sudden i cant access the internet or windows defender and the norton cannot be fully installed. i also cannot access system restore (even in safe mode).

i dont know how to find and remove the problem, especially since i cannot access the internet to download anything.... has anyone else had this happen? any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Brittany,
You should provide the name of trojan wich you have in your pc (i.e, Trojan.Brisv, Trojan.Sinowal, trojan.win32.hacktool). Because there are thousends of diffrent trojan over internet and removal method and removal tools for diffrent trojans can be diffrent.
Any how, you should install Microsoft malicious Softwae Removal tool that can remove upto 200 common trojans

Good Luck
you best bet would be to call a coumpter tech out to your house and have him/her clean it up for you . i had this happen to me a few time and both times i called some one to clean up my coumpter .and now it works just fine .
if i was you i would not use norton i had it before and i had trouble with it . it would not do a very good job.
i went to avg and it is doing a great job so far .it will tell me in big letter if a site i try to go to has malware on it