At startup it goes to black screen with boot

pa2stay - May 13, 2009 at 09:19 PM
 pa2stay - May 15, 2009 at 07:52 PM
My pc worked fine yesterday. Today when I turned it on it went to black screen with boot menu and setup options with a box covering them asking for password. It will not go into safe mode. I have never had to use password Before windows logo appears . Can you help me?

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If this happening to you when you just start the pc and setup options that you see ,are from the bios,it means that the password is only for th bios,so if you take out the batery from the bio ( on the motherboard the only battery that you can see) for a few second ( no more than 35 seg) it should erase these password.

Anyways if its asking to select a boot device this could be a problem with the hard drive, if you are using a IDE hard drive ,check the power cord that goes into the hard drive is order to checkl if it is getting power power.
If you are using a SATA hard drive ,try changing the sata port on the mother board, or check if the sata cable is well plug into the hard drive,you may wanna check the power cord as well.

Im gessing that you only has Windows installon your hard drive ,and you do dont have any partition with linux,if you do,try disable the boot manager from the linux part,it may happend that is installed on the wrong part of the hard drive.

After doing this steps ,your pc is still doing the same,my advise would be to contect your pc manufacturer tech support over the phone.

Hope this help you.

The computer is an EMachine its a desktop and when I took off panel I got confused as I don't know where to find battery (in desktop) computer. The connections however are plugged in where they belong (I hope) since there are several that are not connected. The problem remains. My son just informed me that he was on website playing game also AVG scan was running....Everything froze and instead of shutting down computer correctly he held the power button in until computer shut off. So this how the problem began.
Can you suggest a solution?

Thank You