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 Blocked Profile - Jan 25, 2017 at 05:19 PM
i have a hp 650 and it does blank and nothing works except on button, i have tried power boot/reset but nothing and also the reseating of memory but nothing...only the power, wifi and two lights next to the card slot is working but the laptop does not start up or even eject cd slide or read usb :'(


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Jan 25, 2017 at 05:19 PM
The two lights being on, and not booting is an indication of a bad MB.

Since you have opened and re-seated the memory, go ahead and take out the memory, and boot. What happens? Does it beep. If so, then put the memory back in, and disconnect the hard drive. Does it beep again? If it does, then the MB is good(99.9%).

What OS? Can you boot into safe mode?