Can't get my ps3 to connect to my Belkin.e58

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 Blocked Profile - Feb 3, 2017 at 07:08 PM
Hello can't get my ps3 to connect to my Belkin.e58

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Thanks for the over abundant amount of details! Has it ever worked before? Did you just go out and get the belkin, and this is the only device that won't connect? How many IP address are there in your WIFI DHCP SCOPE?

Do you see why I am going to GUESS and say your router is an N band router, and the PS3 only uses G! Change your router to the B/G/N band and see if it will connect then. If it can't then you need to look at how many devices are connected, disconnect one, and try again. Your DHCP scope may not be large enough for the amount of clients you have connected!

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