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My computer was compromised ànd I can no longer get into it. I have been told I need an Os windows 7 disc. I can't find any place that caries them. Can you help me. My computer is a hp?

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Billie Sue Peterson

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Billie Sue,
You shouldn't need a disc. HP stores your operating system on your hard drive. Turn off your computer and start it up again. When you see the HP logo keep pressing the F11 key. You will go into system recovery. Be warned, you will lose everything in your computer and return to when you first got it. Hope this helps.
I am very sorry I couldn't get it to work. I keeps going back to wanting my password and then says it is not my password. It keeps repeating Password Hint: Server Protected and reset password. Then it goes to the Password reset Wizard and I need to have created a password reset disk.
I do thank you very very much for everything you have tried to do for me. My grand daughter said they must have put a virus in it. I do thank you so much.

Billie Sue Peterson