Pendrive does not open RunDll Error

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when ever i try to open my Pendrive through Laptop it will show this error, how can i solve it, please give me solution

missing entry:sx2W16MRLFKafkp5

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The rundll error is actually a file system process error that`s directly related to your computer`s operating system windows registry. These .dll files (Dynamic Link Library) are included in an array of network codes and data that`s shared by programs on the computer.

Fix: - To fix this rundll error, you must stop it running from your system registry or stop it from running on your computer. You can either manually stop it or use a registry cleaner software that automatically fixes the issue. Identify first the faulty or corrupt .dll file and the program that`s causing the rundll error. Here`s how to identify: - When the error occur, take note on the name of the corrupted or faulty .dll file. - Then go to the "Task Manager" by pressing the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key at the same time. - Go to the "Process" - Go to the "Rundll32.exe". - Right click it and click on "Open File Location". - From there search the .dll file and click on "properties" and select "Details" to see the program that`s running the faulty .dll file. After knowing the program that`s running the corrupted .dll file, you need to stop it from running. Here`s how to manually fix rundll error by stopping the .dll file process: - From your desktop, click Start, Programs and Accessories. - Choose and click "Run". - Enter "MSCONFIG". - Go to the "Start up" or "Services" tab and locate the program, application or services that running the .dll file error and remove it from your PC by unchecking the box beside it. - This will now stop the faulty .dll file from running in your computer.

If the above steps are too complicated, you may try downloading and installing a registry cleaner tool that will automatically fix the rundll error in your computer.