Windows shuts down windows to protect my comp

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about a week ago, i noticed my notebook had become very slow on start-up.
Then yesterday, I put it on, and as soon as it came on, a little screen popped up saying, 'windows is shutting down this application to protect your computer'. The 'this application' it is talking about is windows itself. Once I clicked 'okay' the pop-up dissapeared, and the screen background loaded, but without any desktop icon. I also cannot access the 'start' function, not even when I press the windows button on the keyboard.

I have tried starting up in 'last best known configuration' and 'safe mode', but it does the same thing every time.

Help anyone??

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a problem has been dected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computers.

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when you enter the desktop, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to enter the task manager.
the click on New task and then type explorer and press ok.
tis will bring back the windows desktop icons.
then you may try to do a system restore and run an updated antivirus.
if this is the case it means that windows explorer hasn't been loaded yet. To do this its quite simple:
Do the following:
press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" or Ctrl + Shift + Esc" and you will see the task manager
then click on "File" Then "New Task"
you will see an address bar.
back space anything that is there and type "explorer" without the " " and press "Enter"
you should see everything on the desktop again, including your start menu. This is called Windows Explorer.
need help pronto explorer shut my windows it was shut down by explore. how is the computer restarted properly