Vista internet connection problem

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Hi all,
I have Microsoft vista connected to the local network.
I cannot ping outside ex. until I ping to the local network gateway or detaching and attaching LAN cable, after that I have ping to outside about 1 hour. Other XP machines in the network are working fine.
The machine is receiving the IP configuration from the DHCP server.
What could be the problem?

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Some config might have change, check everything
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check your firewall settings as well.
Thanks for replay

My firewall is disabled
Ive had the same problem after 2 weeks of Vista my connection to the internet just kept dropping ive had the problem for 6 months now after trying many solutions i like connecting different computers not on Vista and them not having any probs it has to be a fault with Vista i think i have now resolved the problem ive been downloading 2 files at the same time with Bittorrent for over an hour and im still connected im not sure exactly what i done to resolve this but i do have the web address with all the info on how to resolve this problem i followed basically everything step by step heres the addy just copy and paste.

I hope this works for you
Thanks, I will try