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Hi Guys!

I'm having a hard time creating a formula to extract data based from this.

This is what's showing in one of the sheets:

8:30 PM 4.00
8:45 PM
9:00 PM 2.00

I would want to paste that on the next sheet which should look like this:

Shift Time
Emp 1 8:30 PM
Emp 2 8:30 PM
Emp 3 8:30 PM
Emp 4 8:30 PM
Emp 5 9:00 PM
Emp 6 9:00 PM

Basically, the next sheet will paste the time on column 2 four times if the first sheet's column 2 will have a value >0

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POst some code and we can help. Take a look here: that should have everything you are looking for. If not, post some code and we can help out!