Hitachi laptop hard drive wont Show up

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i have a 80gb Hitachi laptop hard drive in an external usb case. it used to work good in my vista but now it dont show up anywhere at all. It works good on other pc's and laptops but not on mine. Dont know whats wrong. Can somebody please help
i have tested all of my usb ports all of them are fine
it dont show up in device manager, disk management and bios of my pc
hard drive isn't dead as it works normally on other notebooks and desktops
please somebody tell me a solution
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you should try to format it and plug it again on your pc! there must be a virus which causes this!
will try this and tell u
Did you ever get it to work? I havethesame problem on Vista with my iomega HD. Works fine on other PCs Laptops but is not allocated a drive letter when connecting it to my laptop. It only gets a drive letter when I plug it in before starting up the laptop. Any ideas on how to get the laptop to recognise it when plugging it in when it's powered up?