PS3 will not detect modem

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Hello, I just started having issues with my ps3 not connecting to my wifi or ether net cable all I did was move it for a new TV stand and have not been able to re connect or detect my modem. I have tried everything event take it back to factory settings with out deleting all my updates Please help thank you.

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All I did is add a TV stand in the same spot it was when the PS3 was connected. The PS3 wont even connect from Ethernet cable I also tried.
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So I get a down vote becuase you didn't mention you had it in an ethernet port? You posted this piece of info AFTER I posted mine. How is that a downvote?

OK, does the router work with any other EQ? Do you know how many IP Address's you have in your DHCP pool?

If it is wifi, it may be out of range.