KeyBoard Enter Key Feels Really Weird When Pressed

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Friday July 28, 2017
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July 28, 2017
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So One Day, I Just Closed My Laptop And Went To Sleep. Next Day I Had Some Typing To Do And Just Reliezed That My Enter Key Just Feels Really Weird When Pressed, And I Didn't Know What To Do, And It Really Annoying And Distracting Especially When It's Something Important To Do, So If Anyone Could Help Me Please Reply As Fast As You Can.

If You Guys See Any Spelling Mistakes It's Because My First Lang Isn't English.

If You Need To Contact Me Here Is What You Cant Use :

- Skype : XXXX: Just A White Wall :)

Have A Great Day :)

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If the key feels "soft", then it more than likely (99%), broken! Laptop keys are easy to change, with some guts! Find a parts laptop on EBAY for $.99 and cannibalize the pieces parts!

Other than that, we cannot fix preference of "really wierd"!

Have fun!