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 Gh PC guy -
I bought Guitar Hero III (PC version) for my daughter. when she tried to upload it on our LT (hp pavilion zv5000), it didnt work b/c, among other reasons: we have Windows XP (not XP SP2), not the correct video card, etc. this did not occur to me when I bought it for her (now u know her friend's play station version & really loved it.

Your advice would be great. Thanx.

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Hi, Judy
You can find the system requirements at his address:

After comparing those major factors, I'm afraid her laptop is not capable of playing the game. Those graphics are really holding you back. You might want to see if you can return the game (but from past experience, someplaces don't like returning computer games because of people making illegal copies and what not) unless you have another computer you can put it on.

You could always try seeing if you can turn the graphics settings down in the game, but still I don't think the laptops graphics can even handle everything on low settings.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.
Thank you

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maybe it doesn't work on windows xp...why don't you try with vista? Let me know if you have been able to install it.

Hi, I have GH3 Installed on my laptop, it has vista on so it does work. Altough I have a dual core processor, 2gb ram and NVidia 8400 GS Graphics card. Acer Aspire 7720G. Great Laptop!!! Runs Crysis on full everything!!
> Stompie
you are a full lier!
He is not, I have a similar system (desktop) and it runs FINE. Just don't try to run it at 1680x1050. But I CAN run it at high quality, physics on, everything.
> Sjaak
I can only assume the liar comment was in regards to running Crysis on full with those specs. Crysis is a beast. I have an I7 running vista with 6gb ddr3 on a gtx260; now THAT runs Crysis on full! But a dual core running Crysis at max settings? It's highly suspect.
As far as GH3 running on that machine, it shouldn't be a problem. With XP you will need SP2, though I haven't looked into why...
guy I have windows 7 and I didnt worked
I wound up in the same boat...

Aspyr thinks the average user has a Super PC, and decided to make somewhat of an 'emulator' to easily port over GH3 to the PC. You can't take it back, and Aspyr will not refund your money... but there is hope!

Frets on Fire (

It works 100% with the USB GH3 controller for the PC, the program works on all platforms of PCs.

And you can create your own music via .mp3 or .ogg
Hi I was wondering if any Guitar is compatible with any GH Game. The guitar I want to get says its only compatible with GH1,2,3. I was told that all GH games should work with nearly all the guitars out there today.
do a barrel roll.
hello my keyboard doesnt want to work on guitar mode! iam pressing the right keys and every thing but thers no response from the game that I pressed it! any help?
but it works fine on drum mode!
Fist of all, Pc games should not be played on laptops unless u have a gaming laptops from alienware or similar products. Laptops can't be upgraded like a desktop can
i got windows 7 but al I get is one red light working and a green light flashing
please does anybody know how to fix this??
i dont think it would work on windows XP I have windows 7 and it might work

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