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hi there folks! can anyone help me with my problem regarding metal gear solid 1 for pc. the problem is after I INSTERTED the THIRD pal key, there is a codec conversation with campbell, solid and master miller who eventually is liquid. after this the room will be full of poison gas, call otacon for help and after few secs he'll stop the gas from killing you and open the door. heres my problem: the damned door wont open! I know the door should be open at that time, even campbell and otacon will tell you to go after liquid coz the door is ALREADY open. now im stuck inside the control room waiting for christmas. guys help me solve this. I finished MGS1 in PS1 years ago and I know this is a PC glitch or something. thanks mgs fans

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I had this same problem and I've been so annoyed cause I really wanted to replay it.

I think I fixed it though - right click on the short cut icon. Then go on compatibility. Then select run in 640x480 and also run in compatibility mode for windows 98. I don't know if this fixed it or if it was purely coincidental - but I tried it over 10times and the moment I did this it worked :)

Hope it works for you too Good Luck!!
Thank you

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Wooow Man! You're The Best! I Thank you a lot, Really really a lot.
This is actually the simplest (working) solution.
Thankyou it worked, my facebook id www.fb,com/coolteenage
and oh, my system is amd athlon dual core 4600 GHZ, 1gb ram, 512 Nvidia.
There is a way!! There's also a catch, of course... I found a way, but you have to cheat. So far... It's the only way. I searched far and wide, and found to answer to this problem... But I researched cheat codes for the game to see if there was a way to walk through walls, or something... I found no cheat that posed any solution on paper. But I read there are some glitches with the restart level cheat, so I tried it out. If you enable cheats (-cheatenable in exe command line) and press F7 to restart level, and it will restart with the gas gone, door open and liquid standing outside!! I don't know if it effects your ranking at the end, but if you just want to play the damn game like I did, it lets you get through it! I wish I wasn't so lazy and just went out and bought a PS1!

Hope this works for you + everyone else who had this problem!
it worked for me while other methods didn't, thanx
Naomi89 is correct, I also run xp with athalon blah blah blah I did 640x480 with win98 compatability and blammo door opens fine.
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it happen because some file has corrupted went install, it happen to me also but not MGS game, Crysis. try reinstall back.
o need help how can I mack the door oen up he say it is but it is not help me pls on metla gear solid 1
> wings
imean it will not open the door
Hi Pal,

Just try to call OCTAGON 4 to 5 times coz he is the only one who can unlock that door, u need to be calm ad cool at that stage, don't panic just call OCTAGON simultaneously he will unlock that door for you and after that.. uhh ooh I can,t break that suspense my dear friend..!!! :) its all yours now.
This probably is installation problem, nothing wrong with the game but how I got rid of it is that I saved my game before this incident and whenever that door does'nt open I again load my last saved game and started playing and I repeated this for around 5 to 8 times and I suggest the same to you too .. let's try coz its better then waiting for christmas there ENJOY..!!!!!!
i am not here to help u but I want ur help I cant download mgs1 on my pc ......... plzzzzz help
Emulator PSX v1.13 its vary good And No Problem
I too came across the same problem* still trying to figure it out myself