Metal gear solid1 PC ( Help Guys )

MGS.stucker - Updated on Feb 2, 2018 at 02:20 PM
 mokzed - Jan 31, 2018 at 02:16 AM
hi there folks! can anyone help me with my problem regarding metal gear solid 1 for pc. the problem is after I INSTERTED the THIRD pal key, there is a codec conversation with campbell, solid and master miller who eventually is liquid. after this the room will be full of poison gas, call otacon for help and after few secs he'll stop the gas from killing you and open the door. heres my problem: the damned door wont open! I know the door should be open at that time, even campbell and otacon will tell you to go after liquid coz the door is ALREADY open. now im stuck inside the control room waiting for christmas. guys help me solve this. I finished MGS1 in PS1 years ago and I know this is a PC glitch or something. thanks mgs fans

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I had this same problem and I've been so annoyed cause I really wanted to replay it.

I think I fixed it though - right click on the short cut icon. Then go on compatibility. Then select run in 640x480 and also run in compatibility mode for windows 98. I don't know if this fixed it or if it was purely coincidental - but I tried it over 10times and the moment I did this it worked :)

Hope it works for you too Good Luck!!
Wooow Man! You're The Best! I Thank you a lot, Really really a lot.
This is actually the simplest (working) solution.
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