How to download Opera Mini on Nokia

How to download Opera Mini on Nokia

Opera Mini web browser is now available for Nokia smartphones. Nokia phones can be configured for Opera Mini manually by creating a free prov setting. This guide is applicable for Nokia S60 series phones.

How to install Opera Mini on Nokia?

To install Opera Mini on your phone, go to the Opera Mini website by using the phone's default web browser and select Download Opera Mini. Then transfer and install it onto your phone. While installing, you must select the Nokia phone from the list of supported devices.

If you have installed Opera Mini on your Nokia handset and activated my GPRS settings, but are still unable to browse follow these instructions to manually configure third party applications.

How to configure Opera Mini on Nokia?

To configure Opera Mini on your device select Opera Mini > Options > App. access > Data access. Next edit Read user data and Add and edit data, which are used by Opera Mini.

N.B. You must enable phone line GPRS, unless you have a wi-fi connection to access the internet. If you do not have wifi internet access, you must have internet access via your phone service agreement. Check with your mobile provider if it is included in your services. 

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