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Deep Freeze can protect your computer. To do so, it disables all changes made to the operating system at the next startup.


Key features

After installing this software on your computer, your computers become bulletproof. Any accidental or malicious changes cannot affect your computers. The computer does not keep personal information. Thus the desktop is not cluttered with files. Its flexible scheduling options are very useful for IT administrators because they allow them to make tedious update and maintenance automatic. Deep freeze is for student machines, instructor and employee computers. It includes flexible options for saving data, which allows the users to save their work with ease. This application provides a trouble-free computing experience without worrying about malware, slowdowns, file congestion, unauthorized applications and hard drive degradation. In addition, you can use stealth mode to hide its system tray icon.

System requirements

  • Free hard disk space: 10%
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7


It provides peace of mind. It's efficient and stable and does not use too much CPU and memory.


Difficult to understand and is tricky to uninstall.

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