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Awarded form many places and institutions, Zuma remains one of the most attracting video games in its field. Designed by Pop Cap Games, Zuma Deluxe Demo is a uniquely thrilling experience in action-puzzlers.

Key Features

  • The game: it is set in Aztec Mexico. Its main goal is to eliminate all balls that are rolling around the screen along a given path with other balls before they reach the yellow skull structure.
  • Zuma modes and levels: users are allowed to choose between two modes, that is to say, the adventure mode and the Gauntlet mode (the player has to return to a level that they have already reached). Zuma Deluxe Mode also offers 22 levels. The 22nd one requires players to beat the Temple 12 before accessing to it.
  • 3D graphics: the game is composed of 3D accelerated graphics and effects where users can discover new realms in the Adventure mode of the game. For the Gauntlet mode, gamers can test their skills before starting the game.
  • Sounds: owning a sound card is optional though necessary. Zuma Deluxe Demo offers a pulse-pounding sounds and music. Some people describe the sound as being too scaring and some exciting.


  • Zuma Deluxe Demo is simple but tricky.
  • It can also be suitable for kids and adults.
  • Completely addictive.


  • Balls are sometimes moving too slowly.


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Alternative spelling: ZumaSetup-es-1.exe, ZumaSetup-es.exe