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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, English
Want to initiate your children to the English words? The ABC 4 Kids is a software designed to teach English alphabets and numbers for them.

Key features:

The software is for teaching kids the different alphabets in English. About hundred objects are in the software in order to increase vocabularies and correct spelling. Simple with colorful display and very suitable for kids. Pictures help the kids remember names and spelling as well because visual aids have important impacts on language learning. Tests are available in order to evaluate progress kids made during the learning session. Based on this test, kids can take time for better assimilation before moving to the next lesson. Multimedia program that is very efficient for kids in their early age. Language acquisition is very fast at this stage and this software will make that more effective. The incorporated sound will be for good pronunciation and listening activities. The software is easy to install and there is no specific recommendations while using it. Parents and teachers can do some supervision from time to time for getting better result.


A shareware that will make learning alphabets fun for kids.


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Alternative spelling: abc4kids.exe
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