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Coursera is an online education provider that offers massive open online courses, created and provided by Stanford University. In collaboration with universities, the platform offers different specializations, degrees, and courses in a variety of domains.

What are the key features of Coursera?

  • Variety of domains: with over 200 experts, Coursera offers classes in Business, Computer science, Data Science, Art, Sciences (Chemistry, Medicine, Nutrition), and Personal development, among many others.
  • Recognized certificates: in combination with these domains, the platform collaborates with famous universities, such as Duke, the University of London, and Yale. To make its classes even more complete, there are also industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Facebook.
  • Learn anywhere, any time: great advantage of Coursera's online classes is the flexibility - you can schedule on-demand lectures but also download videos to view them offline.
  • Top classes: if you are searching for inspiration or don't know what is the best class to choose to achieve your goals, you can browse Coursera's Top Classes list.
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How does the Coursera app work?

The Coursera app is pretty simple to use. You have to download and install it, and next, you can search for classes and courses. You can choose to enroll in a course or audit it. To view what courses you are enrolled in, you have to click on the left sidebar and select Enrollments.

Is Coursera safe?

The app has no history of data breaches and it seems as safe, as most apps.

Is Coursera free?

You can download and use the app for free. However, even though there are many Coursera free courses (especially to audit), you have to pay for a great part, especially if you want to obtain a certificate. The Coursera cost varies depending on the class and the degree. Prices start from $9.99 for a guided project and can get up to $45,000 for a degree you have been accepted to.

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