Forex Tester 4

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Forex Tester 4 was designed especially for those who use MT4 terminals for their trades. It is designed for accurately simulating the trade by testing the user's strategies on historical data.

What are the key features of Forex Tester 4?

  • Analyzing: With Forex Tester 4, the user can import the currencies and time frames from his historical data. This will generate a chart at the start of the analysis. It can also analyze the profits and loss tendencies of his trade.
  • Strategies: It offers the possibility to test strategies whether manually, automatically or both. The user can enter strategies and let the program do the rest. It will give a result such as which one is the best to use for the trade.
  • Graphic tools: Forex Tester 4 has a graphic tool that enables users to easily understand the results of the test. All the lines for marking the waves on the chart are also presented with different colors in order to help with the distinction.
  • Saving/resume option: This option allows the user to record the analysis. If you want to analyze another strategy, you can make the first one in a pause mode and resume it later. Capturing and saving the chart for future use is also available.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version. After it expires, you can purchase the full license for $149.

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