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Kick the Buddy: No Mercy

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Kick the Buddy: No Mercy
iPhone, English
Kick the Buddy: No Mercy is a simple video pastime to de-stress gamers. This simple-player game lets users kick and destroy the rag-doll called Buddy that is insulting and taunting them. Pulling the ribbon on the top left of the interface will let gamers find all stuff to subject Buddy to. The game has been released in April 2013 and continues evolving.

Key Features

  • Principle: Kick the Buddy: No Mercy's principle is simple. Aiming at releasing stress, gamers will be provided all the necessary weapons to kick the rag-doll that is locked in a room. At the same time, subject to all that, Buddy (his name) will scream and launch taunting of any kind. Players have to use their fingers to interact with the Buddy, re-live him or use the Angel to give him a new life.
  • Kick options: this application offers numbers of stuff to strike the Buddy. Concerning explosive for example, gamers can choose the F1 grenade, the Land Mine, the Missile or the 490 bucks C4. Available firearms include Beretta and Thompson for instance.
  • Customizable: a click on the ribbon unveils all customizable options such as décor, profile and extra. As to graphics and display, gamers are free to remove some unwanted elements on the screen to clear it and give more space to Buddy. Another option enables to take a snapshot of Buddy and share it on Facebook or twitter. If not, the image can be saved on the computer.
  • Enhancements: for this latest version, several improvements have been added. For instance, new missions, Buddy models and funny taunts and tricks are made available at users' disposal. The decoration had changed.


  • Kick the Buddy: No Mercy is funny and relieves stress.


  • It is only available in English.


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